The reasons for using Celcure-AP

Celcure-AP is a waterborne copper chrome arsenate wood preservative which gives long-lasting protection againt fungi, insects and termites, but adds little to the cost ot the timber. It is applied by vacuum pressure impregnation which forces the preservative deep into the wood. The chemicals become fixed in the wood after treatment and do not wash out. All timber treated with Celcure-AP should be handled and used in accordance with Celcure's recommendations.

Many uses

  • Structural timbers
  • Cladding
  • Recreational timbers & outdoor furniture
  • Marine & Freshwater timbers
  • Pole structures
  • Farming & horticultural purposes
  • All types of fencing
  • Stakes
  • Utility poles
  • Cable drums

Timber treated with Celcure-AP is ...

  • Protected againt fungi, insects, termites and marine borers
  • Pleasant in appearance
  • Clean to handle
  • Harmless to animals, humans& plant life
  • paintable & glueable
  • Maintenance free
  • Odourless