Founded in 1955 in Thailand's northern province of Chiang Mai, Thaweephan began life supplying teak timber to domestic and foreign markets, using highly trained elephants and their mahouts to move lumber across the jungle-covered, rugged terrain.

Thaweephan was one of the first companies to respond to concerns over deforestation in Thailand, shutting down its forestry operation in the early 1970s. We turned instead to timber processing and high-quality products manufactured from wood sourced in the global market.

Since then, Thaweephan has been an industry leader. We pioneered the use in Thailand of American kiln drying equipment, non-harmful preservative chemicals, and specialist machining tools. Moving into crafted wood products, our range expanded rapidly to encompass floors, windows, doors, decorative interior paneling, and wooden homes.

Four generations later, we're still a family-owned and run business specialising in architectural woodworking, high-quality wood products, traditional and modern house building, and heritage restoration services.